Vanilla christmas log recipe

Vanilla Christmas log recipe
As Christmas is coming in a few days, I wanted to make a Classic French Christmas Recipe. The choice was easy: la Bûche de Noël (in English the Yule log) is a genuine French tradition. It comes from a historical custom inherited from Middle Ages, when people use to burn a very big log in the fireplace. The log would burn for hours and hours during which people would enjoy Christmas aroun...
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Strawberry St Honoré recipe by Lorraine {Not quite nigella}

Strawberry st honore not quite nigella
The Saint Honoré is one of the most famous French pastries. You can find it in any pâtisserie in France. It is made with pâte a choux and chantilly, just like its close cousins the éclairs, the profiteroles and the choux à la crème… It is usually made with caramel, but Lorraine has chosen to tweak it with Strawberry flavor… Lorraine is one of the top 5 food bloggers in Sydney. I really want...
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Salmon & cream cheese terrine recipe

terrine salmon recipe Food is all main
Salmon and cream cheese terrine recipe: a fresh and light starter for a fine food meal. I first cooked this salmon terrine for my grandmother’s 80th birthday back in France, six year ago. I had to cook a lunch for all my family with over 20 people. As a starter I needed a recipe: that I could prepare in advance light because the main dish was rather fat easy to cook because I didn’t have...
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Apple tatin tart recipe

tatin tart recipe by Laura Food is all
I think the Tarte Tatin is my favorite dessert recipe. It is so delicious and rather light if you consider that this dessert is mainly made with apples. The apple tarte tatin is the classic dessert that you will find is every bistrot in France. But before ordering it, make sure it is home made! And also, think of asking a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a small cup of crème fraîche. For the...
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Salmon rolls recipe

Salmon roll recipe Laura Food is all
This is my favorite WAHOU recipe for the apéritif: salmon rolls with poppy seeds. They are easy to make for a flashy result!   You know, in France the apéritif is something very important. It is the moment when you start eating, but it doesn't count... you just do it while waiting for the real food. Some people say the apéritif is when you have a drink, but real foodies will tell you t...
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Passionfruit & Mango Macaron recipe by Urvashi {Go Bake Yourself}

Macarons by Go bake yourself on food is all
Urvashi is very young and yet, her blog Go Bake Yourself is among the 50 top in Sydney. This may be because she started baking at 10...or because she is obsessed with food... Urvashi also known as Choc Chip Uru (guess why...) is a passionate baker. She will take you through all kind of dessert recipes from tarts to cakes, from cupcakes to brownies including ice creams and even candies. Nothing ...
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Nammoora recipe by Noha {Matters of the belly}

Noha nammoora matters of the belly food is all
  Before discovering Noha's blog, Matters of the Belly, I didn't know what Egyptian cuisine was. Shame on me! It is just fantastic and so authentic, with many flours and different textures. So after several visits on Noha’s blog, I reached out to her because I was very excited about one specific recipe I wanted to feature on Food is all. She kindly accepted and we started discussing abo...
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Strawberry and mascarpone cream layer cake recipe by Swah {Love Swah}

Swah Strawberry mascarpone cake
The first time I visited Love Swah, I found this blog just gorgeous... so fresh, so girly, so full of colours... I surfed on it for so long... I got lost between her beautiful baking recipes, her useful baking tips and her inspiration page...and then I discovered Swah was also a designer, so I understood why the blog and the recipes were looking so good. Now if you are looking for beautiful and ...
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Mangomisu recipe by Hélène

Helene mangomisu
  Mangomisu is a mix between mango and tiramisu... what a great idea! You get the freshness of the mango combined with the smoothness of the mascarpone and the density of the tiramisu. Helene has learnt how to cook in a catering school in France while she was a student. Now, she never uses a recipe, she just makes use of all the cooking techniques she knows to create her own recipes an...
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Pop Corn Chicken Recipe by Vanny {Nessy Eater}

Pop corn chicken recipe by Vanny
  Vanny is totally obsessed by food...if you go on her blog Nessy Eater, you will see by yourself! She cooks, she eats, she reviews restaurants, she eats, she makes photos of what she eats, she eats again... On her blog, minions are all around, it is like a wonderful world, full of lovely characters and delicious food... who wouldn't want to be there...? Today, Vanny chose to show how...
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Tartiflette recipe by Pierre

Pierre is french and has been living in Sydney for 2 years. He is a very busy man, iron man, already father (of the most wonderful little boy) who still finds time to cook for his (very numerous) friends and I am fortunate enough to be one of them ;-) He had the very good idea to "rework" one of the most popular winter recipe in France: the Tartiflette. Pierre: This recipe comes from Savoie...
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Strawberry tart recipe by Cyndie {Mademoiselle Slimalicious}

strawberry tart recipe by cyndie
Strawberry tart… one of my favorite desserts…very popular in France. Unfortunately strawberries are not available all year long, so when it is the season, I just go for it as often as I can! This recipe by Cyndie is very quick and easy, another reason to use and abuse of this delightful dessert… Cyndie is a French-blogger-based-in-Sydney I had the opportunity to meet. Her blog Mademoiselle S...
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Chocolate and salted caramel birthday cake by Cath {Confessions of a glutton}

Cath is a wonder-woman: Sydney-based lawyer, Zumba instructor, and food blogger at Confessions of a Glutton. She cooks because she enjoys making her own healthy food without preservatives and flavourings, but also because she loves decadent treats, unusual ingredients and new techniques. That is what lead her to create this enormous Birthday cake (as she called it herself "monstrosity") with...
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Canelé recipe by Sandra {The French Wench}

canneles by Sandra
I wanted to meet Sandra because we have so much in common... Both French, living in Sydney, similar age and of course, both food bloggers... So we went for a drink and it was so nice! Finally someone with who I can talk about food for hours ;-) We also discussed about where to find quality French produce and good restaurants in Sydney and she knows so many! Sandra is French-Australian, she h...
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Vegetable quiche recipe

vegetable quiche recipe Food is all
The quiche is a very classic French recipe. I used to cook it at least once a week when I was in Paris. Firstly because it is very easy and quick to make and secondly because the quiche works with almost any ingredient. So it is the perfect meal to use lost ingredients remaining in your fridge. Today, I have chosen to make it with vegetables, because I have so many vegetarian friends, I thou...
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Paleo Banana bread Recipe by Kristy {Southern in Law}

Paleo banana bread recipe
Kristy’ blog, Southern In-Law is about Healthy Living and Lifestyle. She has created this blog with her husband Jesse to share their day-to-day adventures, their passions, their wedding but also her very special recipes she creates herself. Kristy is very creative, especially when it comes to recipes. As she eats completely gluten free for health reasons, she focuses on allergy friendly an...
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Roast chicken stuffed with lemon recipe by Jah

Jah + chicken
Jah is not only a very good cook, but also a very talented photographer. She loves making photos of ingredients and dishes. I love going to the restaurant with her, because I am not the only one asking people to wait for the photo before starting to eat! She is French, but she enjoys the Australian way of life, eats healthy food and knows many of the good restaurants in Sydney. I thought she wo...
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Bánh xèo recipe by Trang {Live Love Eat}

Trang Bánh xèo
  When I first met Trang, we didn't talk about food at all. We were in a housewarming party and we discussed about our jobs because we were both working in the hospitality industry, we discussed about our husbands playing rugby, we discussed about being french and living in Sydney. In short, we had a lot in common, we actually had so much in common that we didn't get to talk about food... ...
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Bánh Xèo Recipe by Trang

Bahn xeo
Bánh xèo is a Vietnamese fried savory pancake made of rice flour, water, turmeric powder, stuffed with slivers of fatty pork, prawns, diced green onion, and bean sprouts. They are served wrapped in mustard leaf, lettuce leaves or “banh trang” wrappers (rice paper), and stuffed with mint leaves, basil, and/or other herbs, and dipped in a sweet and sour diluted fish sauce: Nuoc Mam! You can eat t...
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Bacon and egg muffin recipe

bacon and egg muffin recipe food is all
A brunch without eggs is not a real brunch. So, for my first brunch recipe, I wanted something with eggs... And what best matches eggs than bacon...? Nothing! So I added a few mushrooms and zucchinis for the healthy part ; garlic and shallots for the taste ; cheddar for the melt... and here is my bacon and egg muffin recipe! At the end, there is no muffin paste in there. The whole thing hold...
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Zucchini carpaccio recipe by Claire

Claire is a passionate and busy woman. She will share with you her tricks to cook quickly awesome tasty and healthy recipes. Click here to learn more about Claire Claire doesn't really like zucchini except when she is preparing it as a Carpaccio, not only because it cooks quickly but also because it is super healthy, tasty and crunchy. We've tried it and loved it. Even if it is a simple r...
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Lime curd pie recipe by Victor

Victor is a French engineer in Australia and has been in Australia for over three years. A short visit more than 10 years ago was enough to bring him back down under and he now likes to share his love of food with his local and expat’ friends. Aside from cooking and baking, Victor is a trail-runner, one of these crazy people for whom running is only interesting if it’s up a hill. He is also ...
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Rhubarb tart recipe by Karine

Karine is French Australian. She has been travelling a lot and fell in love with the South Pacific 10 years ago. She settled a little while in Tahiti before dipping her toe into the Australian water. Click here to learn more about Karine This is a very easy and quick recipe. Even the crust is made in a heartbeat. If  there is no rhubarb available, you can replace it with Apricots or Pears. I...
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Sea scallops with lentils recipe by Laetitia

Laetitia is a food lover, co-founder of Foodisall. She has been travelling a lot, always looking for new food experiences and visiting markets to try new products. Click here to learn more about Laetitia  This recipe is ideal for a romantic diner or when you want to impress your friends. You just need to go to the fish market or to your favorite fishmonger to choose large sea scallops. Wh...
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Mango cheesecake recipe

Mango cheesecake recipe Food is all
This may not be my only cheesecake recipe, as I loooove cheesecakes... For my first cheesecake recipe on this blog, I chose to flavour it with a mango and passionfruit as mango gives freshness and passionfruit enhances its aroma. There are so many ways to bake a cheesecake. Depending on the biscuits you use for the crust (Speculoos, Oreos, shortbread, ...) and the cheese for the filling (Phi...
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